August 2016

2016 Predictions are in...

With high stakes predictions.. Beer at the Peanut Barrel is the best wager we all could agree on.. The predictions run all they way from the exceptionally exuberant Gavin for […] is 10 Years old....

Congratulations to us.. The first blog post was summer of 2006… a few months before Mark Dantonio – joined MSU as head coach at Michigan State on November 27, 2006. Frankly […]

2016 Tickets are here ...!

The Season is fast approaching… Now that I have my tickets.. even more excited for the Furman Kick off. Its going to be another Great Year for Spartan Football ! […]

Bye Week

Man-oh-man. The week off is a bummer. My plan to visit Kansas City and watch the Mighty Avila University Eagles play against Peru State College have changed. My nephew, Wes […]