2016 Predictions are in…

Crystal Ball A

2016 Picks SpartyMSU Family 1

With high stakes predictions.. Beer at the Peanut Barrel is the best wager we all could agree on..
The predictions run all they way from the exceptionally exuberant Gavin for an undefeated year, to the Coin Flip at 8 – 4.
Thank you ES for joining us this year.

But even with the low end of the spectrum of lady luck of 8 – 4.. it will be a great season.
Less than 96 hours till Kick off.. Parking lots open at 3:30 this year..

Even with losing Jack Shilique Calhoun, Jack Conklin, Burbridge and Mr. Connor Cook.. The Spartans should be fine. The game plan and play for 2015 gave everyone game experience.  Tyler O’Connor had a tremendous start and win at the Horse Shoe last year.. Malik McDowell is going to be a beast.  And I am almost to the point of thinking we have a “No Fly Zone” again.. Monte Nicholson, Demetrious Cox, and Darian Hicks…  Going to be a great year..

Closest to correct choices on the picks above wins Beer..
Good luck guys and

Sparty On !!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?