September 17: Spartans travel to Notre Dame

10 10 tie

Besides being a NBC televised night game, this is the first time MSU has played the Irish since 2013. In 2013 the Spartans lost 17 – 13. Prior to that, we played the Domers 17 straight years from 1997 – 2013. I look forward to renewed annual rivalry, always one of the best.


With the loss earlier this year of standout Tight End Alize Jones, the recent dismal for the team of 2 year starting safety Max Redfield there seems to be a bit of frustration and confusion on who’s filling vacant positions from 2015. On top of that, 4 other players arrested have yet to have their punishments decided by Kelly. So, we have a bit of confusion until punishments / suspensions are dealt out.


This game is the first real game for the Spartans. Coming off a win against Furman University, a week 2 Bye, then have to travel to play under Touch Down Jesus. This could be scary for the Spartans. This is the first real speed game, first real test for the team. This uncertainty and the scheduling fiasco has me worried about a loss…


This sort of reminds me of the Izzo quote, “But many years ago we took on the ‘anytime, anywhere’ theory of playing people and it’s kind of stayed with me.” I hope that regardless of the scheduling, Dantonio has the same philosophy. If that’s the case…. Damn the B1G scheduling, full speed ahead…


Coach Dantonio always have the boys ready to play, and he is a master in planning and preparation. This being said.. I still am concerned. I was also concerned in 2013.. I was concerned last year in the game against IOWA.. so, probably have nothing to worry about.


L.J. Scott and Tyler O’Connor will put a hurt on the Notre Dame Defense. Riley Bullough and Malik McDowell will lead the Spartans Defense holding the Notre Dame to as few yards as possible.


Even so, unfortunately, I predict a rare loss for my Spartans. This will be a very close game. The Spartans working some kinks out, since it is their first real game.. But in the end… not prevailing



  • Notre Dame 24
  • Michigan State 20


Sparty On !!!


Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?