is 10 Years old….

Congratulations to us..

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The first blog post was summer of 2006… a few months before Mark Dantonio – joined MSU as head coach at Michigan State on November 27, 2006.

Dantonio Opie 061008

Frankly his coaching has been a blessing for MSU.. Mark Dantonio has set the world right with his plans, ethics and leadership. In one of his first statements he was clear that first they had to lay a foundation of a program, then, step by step laying down the principles and work on building the formidable structure to bring MSU back to championship program. He has done that, and more. MSU is a Family. has evolved into the solar system’s, nay…. The Universe’s  premier and leading fan Blog on MSU Spartan Sports.. we have achieved and our goals… we all look forward to another 10 years of greatness.

Our friend and peer blogger is the only one that can match or beat our prominence. Go ES !

Go Green and thank you to our thousands of daily readers!

Sparty On !!

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