Bye Week Blues…. 2016

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The schools that have a Bye in Week 2 (Sept. 10) …..
Michigan State / Stanford / Oregon State / Memphis / Buffalo
Michigan State is one of only three Power programs with a Week 2 bye.
The Spartans started the season against Furman, then Bye, then 11-straight Power opponents. Ain’t no stopping till we wrap it up with an away game at Penn State.

Sure sign of the apocalypse… The Spartans Bye in 2017 is Week 1.. That’s right – Week Uno.. The first week… OMG.. You’ve got to be kidding…
OK, I know.. My therapist says.. so, you can’t worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself, we can only work on today.. But WTF…  it’s a BYE Week…  What kind of God gives us this.. for 2016 and worse yet Week 1 in 2017..




Ideas for your Bye week…
1.  Start your Christmas shopping! You don’t want to be one of those mall zombies on Dec. 24th.. Besides it will free you up for Bowl Season…
2.  It’s September.. . So mow the yard, get the rakes out for leaf season, does the snow blower work
3.  Volunteer – People tend to shy away from volunteering worried about the time commitment involved, or they just don’t know where to start….. Poppycock.… Volunteer Match is a great place to find puppies that need rescued, old people that need fed, and riverbanks that need cleaned. (Or as my wife once called it, “Things you do because you are filled with middle class suburban white boy guilt.”)
4.  See Ghost Busters 2 or maybe Ithica at the Cineplex.
5.  Go outside…. It misses you. Reality is slightly clearer than HDTV.
6.  Eat a salad. God knows your digestive tract will appreciate a one-day reprieve from the typical bowel assault of fried and/or alcoholic tsunami…
7.  Visit a museum. Because. You know…. Culture….  And stuff.
8.  If you insist on staying home, a Saturday is a good time to catch up on your Netflix and the full Tivo disc that you have filled with 12 episodes of “The Walking Dead”.
Plan “Sexytime” with your significant other… Having a full afternoon free can do wonders for a relationship that has been severally strained since the time you begged off by saying, “Hold on, I want to make sure I catch all the scores at the half…”
10.  Watch baseball. Tigers might make the play offs.. or maybe not.

So, use this year.. 2016 as prepare for the extra delay in the start of 2017 season…
–  2016 Week 2
–  2017 week 1

It’s a sure sign of the apocalypse..

Sparty On !!

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  1. Crazy schedule.. Watch Dantonio turn this sows ear into a silk purse…

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