Prediction – Update to Notre Dame Game Sept. 17

Update to the Notre Dame game prediction…
10 10 tie





The UHND Forum called the Spartans Monday as “Inept”.. Oh yeah.. Dream on little leprechaun pukes…

Ed Davis is back for his first game for 2016.. and he and the entire D is ready to make a statement..

Original I predicted a loss.. But now I am changing my mind.. Due to the situations, I think the Spartans will beat the Irish under Touchdown Jesus. 

Notre Dame injuries..
WR Torri Hunter is questionable for the game
CB Nick Watkins is out
CB Devin Butler is out
DB Shawn Crawford is out
TE Alize Jones is questionable

What doe this mean… The secondary is now filled with True Frosh and walk-ons..
As evidence to this.. Science.. Stats..
 – Texas Gained rushing 237 and ND 268
 – Texas Passed for 238 and ND 280
 – Now Texas is a semi decent team.. in the top 100..
 – Last weeks Nevada Game.. And Nevada is barely in the top 100..
 – Nevada Rushed for 99 yards and ND 239
 – Nevada was able to gain 201 in the air and ND 205 – 201 yards in the air against the Irish…

Key to the game, exploit the lack of experience in the secondary..

What-if-Sports predicts a very close game. They ran 1000 game simulations and ND wins 50.7 % of the time and MSU 49.3% of the time. The predicted avg. score is ND 27.6 and MSU 27.3..

Should be a great game, but looking at the trouble a cupcake like Nevada gave ND, and their depleted secondary.. I think the Spartans now win the game…

Go Green…

Sparty On !!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?