What I saw at the Furman Game 9/2/2016

Spartans Victorious over Furman 23 – 13

Paladins 1






MSU are the reigning B1G Champs.. They are the current B1G title holders… I believe the Spartans are on their way to the Rose Bowl again.. I believe, but my belief is tempered a bit from what I watched at each game.

From the 54th row, 50,000 feet up… I was not so impressed with our beloved Spartans. Coming into the game the prediction was a blow out win, I guessed 57 – 3..  I was wrong… But, there is good reason to be optimistic.


The Good…

  • It’s a “W”.. a Win is a Win
  • Sophomore Andre Dowell’s pick – first play after MSU lost the ball to an interception
  • Tylor O’Conner looks good
  • I like our Backs – especially L.J. Scott
  • Spartans held opponent to 87 rushing yards
  • 361 yrds in Offense
  • Spartan Stadium was packed
  • Weather was perfect

The Bad….

  • 43 yard Miss from Michael Geiger
  • The coverage on the Paladin receivers look weak– this is a concern.
  • Furman sacked MSU twice… Furman for God sake…
  • Time of possession was 50/50, we really didn’t hold the ball longer then they did

The Ugly….

  • 120 yards in penalties – Holy whistle Batman…
  • 120 = 1 free trip down the field +20 extra yards….
  • Several drives were kicked in the nuts, by having a holding call or something…
  • Spartans have 14 days until the next game – and its away in South Bend

What this means…

Nothing really, they have a bunch of work to do. I am sure coach D will have them watching film, and working on the miscues with a passion starting Tuesday.  they will be ready.. but a bye this early doesn’t help.

They will be prepared to head to South Bend.. Play the Domers

Now.. Bye week.. OMG.  What will we do with our time….

Sparty On !!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?