Wisconsin On The Horizon, My THOUGHTS!!

With the 36 points in succession that MSU put on Notre Dame was rather impressive. On the other hand the last quarter of the game was somewhat deflating due to Spartans allowing the Irish to fight back and make it scary at the end. What this game told me was there is no room for complacency and the need to put your proverbial foot on opponents neck when able is a MUST! Let’s be honest, the Spartans were very fortunate to come away with the win against the Irish considering their minor melt down in the 4th quarter, can you imagine the feeling if the Irish came all the way back and beat us….

I am going to maintain my composure from the near miss last weekend and look at the positives:

  • The run game was awesome (due to our emerging O-Line)
  • The receiving core led by a true freshman was refreshing (Corley Jr.)
  • Our tenacity to keep our composure in the 4th quarter will be a lesson learned in the future

All that said, I am filling confident and encouraged with the incoming Badgers into the Sparty House on 9/24.

It wont be easy as no team will be this BIG 10 season.

Final Prediction: Spartans – 24   Badgers – 16


Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?