BYU vs MSU says this will be a close game.  If it is a close game, I hope it’s high scoring.  The Furman game was boring.  The Notre Dame game was entertaining enough, but we played the PREVENT DEFENSE which, like one astute Spartan says, “prevents you from winning.   But we won!

Now let’s lament about Indiana for one last time this season.  TOC (Tyler O’Connor) is expected to pick up where Connor Cook left off.  That would be nice, but TOC hasn’t played much.  As such, he is growing into the position.  But fellas. . . you gotta catch the ball.  Donnie Corley Junior is going to be a star! Count on it!  But he dropped a pass on a key play.  That’s enough already.

How are we looking for Saturday?  Injuries all around-  On Defense, Riley Bullough, Raequan Williams, Jon Reschke are out.  Malik McDowell was having a monster game last week before being called for Targeting the quarterback.  The replay showed that Malik lowered his head as he was about the hit the QB, but he hit him with his shoulder pad.  I don’t know the rule enough to gripe loudly.  But, I understand the Targeting call in football is like Balls and Strikes in baseball.  The officials’ judgement stands.  So Malik is suspended for the 1st half of Saturday’s game against BYU.  In short, lots of trouble on defense for the Spartans on Saturday.

BYU has its share of injuries – Linebackers Butch Pau’u and Travis Tuiloma are out.  So expect both teams to have fun running the ball.  Although BYU has a history of crazy- throwing quarterbacks from Jim McMahon (Da Bears), Marc Wilson (Oakland Radiers) Steve Young (49ers), Ty Detmer (Eagles/Lions), Robbie Bosco, Max Hall (AZ Cardinals), Gifford Nielsen (Houston Oilers) this team has a stud running back by the name of Jamaal Williams.  JW rushed for 286 yards against Toledo last week.  The week prior, he also rushed for 169 yards against West Virginia in a losing cause.

This year’s quarterback for BYU is Senior Taysom Hill.  Hill is capable.  Against WVU, he was 23-35 with five touchdowns and three interceptions.  Those interceptions cost BYU the game.

MSU has its no-fly zone and BYU has a porous pass defense.  If TOC is going to turn momentum for the Spartans’ season and his own, this is the game.

George Blaha will say, “Touchdown MSU” six times and BYU will score four touchdowns.  Go Green!

MSU 42
BYU 24

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Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?