Expectations changed for the Spartan Season ??

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It’s a collective OMG from the Spartan faithful… Spartans lose 24 – 21.

True that two losses don’t kill the season, but to lose the first 2 Big Ten games of the year doesn’t help. Spartans get an ass whooping from Wisconsin, who then lost to UofM. Spartans then get beat by an Indiana team who fell to the MAC Western Michigan and Wake Forest. Crap…

I predicted a 10 -2 season.. and so far it is holding true.. But its not panning out exactly how I forecasted…

Originally I was expecting MSU to head to the Rose Bowl.. now, I am praying for them to beat the AnnArbor Weasel and win out. Winning out would still make it a double digit win season… going 10 -2.

Yesterday – The first half of the Indiana game doomed the Spartans, not the issues and play in the Second half and/or in OT. You put more points on the board and you win.. PERIOD.. The Spartans looked better in the second half, but were anemic at best in the first.

Penalties galore…. Dropped passes.. As the first half ended the Spartans were on top 7 – 0. The first half possessions were Missed Field Goal, Touchdown, Punt, Fumble, and Punt… That ain’t good enough.

Regardless of the scores in the second half, they couldn’t really do anything in the first to compensate for the Indian surge in the second. Were they “playing to the level of their opponent” again ??

SO, I am now focusing on beating the team from Ann Arbor and having a 10 – 2 season. They looked bad for the second straight week. Maybe not the Rose Bowl…

But… The ship is not sinking, the sky has not fallen, the fat lady has not sung. There are dark clouds gathering on the horizon, we can be OK..

Chins up Spartans… I still believe…

Sparty On !!!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?