Michigan State Spartans versus Maryland Turtles

Okay, we’ve got our second wind.  MSU knows it needs a good performance and a confidence booster before hosting the 4th Ranked U-M Wolverines.

Stats LLC provides the following information:

Pts/game- MSU 24, MD 32
Yds/game-MSU 384, MD 404
Opp/pts/game- MSU 30, MD 21
Opp/yds/game-MSU 378, MD 356
takeaways- MSU 8, MD 7
giveaways- MSU 11, MD 8
penalties- MSU 38, MD 41
penalty yds- MSU 371, MD 373

Tim Birmingham from someplace in Michigan says, “I like Michigan State, but I gotta take Maryland. . .”  ” I feel sorry for Michigan State. . .”  Tim, don’t feel sorry for us.  MSU will bounce back and beat Maryland.  George Blaha gets to say, “Touchdown MSU” 4 times.

MSU 28
MD 24

Go Green!

Watch Tim Birmingham’s comments courtesy of YouTube and Bing.


Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?