Who would have thought MSU would be 2-3?

MSU 14, BYU 31

Believe it or not, the once highly-regarded MSU Spartan Football Team is 2-3 and it has yet to play the best teams-  U-M (oh how I hate to admit this), OSU (Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes just “reload” and replace talented players with more talented players) and Penn State (Always competitive; 4-2 in 2016).

Here is how I saw things from Row 54 yesterday.  On the first drive of the game, MSU mixed the run and pass, kept BYU’s lowly defense off balance- sorry no disrespect Cougars.  After all Cougars, you won the game in dominating fashion.  Jamaal Williams ran strong.  Your QB, Hill, managed a good game.

Anyway, Gerald Holmes ran well on the opening drive.  The O-line opened holes. It was promising football.  TOC was 6-8 in the first quarter.

Then things got strange.  TOC didn’t throw an interception, but the Spartans “ate the ball” and ran, ran, and ran some more.  BYU’s defense gave up 50 points to Toledo last week.  The players are talented.  There was a successful drive.  TOC didn’t throw the ball to the wrong guys!  Why the change in strategy?

In the third quarter, after a lot of flat football and conservative play-calling (how about a tight-end screen pass that Bill Burke and other MSU QB’s did so well?), TOC was benched in favor of Damion Terry.  Terry is quicker in and out of the pocket.  TOC took two sacks which really deflates any momentum – Spartans had none- an offense has.  He came in, fumbled the snap from center and then threw an interception.  In all fairness to Damion, the game was already lost by the time he lined up under Center.

Lots of fans in the stands feel TOC won’t get any better.  Maybe not.  But he is talented.  He won the job.  In my humble opinion, the game plan didn’t allow for the team, fans, or TOC himself, to see if the team would succeed with him as Quarterback.

Come on Spartans!  Let’s open up things against Northwestern.  It’s Homecoming and there will be a lot of energy on campus.  Let’s save some (a lot) of that energy for the football field.

Go Green!  Go White!



Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?