Here come the Buckeyes and Their Fans

Greetings Spartan Nation! In preparing to post the football game preview, I cruise websites of opponents’ fans and, for the most part, opposing fans are critical, but extremely cordial. Not the Buckeye Fans! It means we struck a nerve for “messin’ up” their football season often enough for them to hate us. Let’s see. . . In 2013, we beat them decisively in the Big 10 Championship Game. And, TOC and company engineered a sweet road victory (17-14) over the Buckeyes in 2015. And, no they aren’t confusing us with the largest school in Ann Arbor. Courtesy of YouTube.

Here is a sample of some of the vile comments that Buckeye fans shared on-line. “O’Connor being from Lima is pissed off he didn’t get an offer from OSU. We all seen what happened in the playoff game. . .” Hey buddy, you need to work on your grammar. SpartyMSU reports that TOC grew up as a Notre Dame Fan. His Mom’s side of the family are Buckeye faithful. More from OSU fans. . “I hope we pound truck loads of sand up their a__.” Be respectful people. And still more,”F___ Sparty.” Okay, that’s enough. And those are some of the tamer comments.

Wake up Buckeyes! SpartyMSU always roots for you against the Wolverines. You’re almost making me root for U-M on Thanksgiving Weekend. Not to worry Spartan Nation, I said, “almost.”

Alright, we’re not here to start some mess with Buckeye fans. On to Saturday’s game prediction. The weather forecast says 30 degrees, Winds out of the South, Rain. Courtesy of YouTube.

The nasty weather, although unpleasant for fans, can play to the Spartans’ advantage. Ohio State’s offense is ranked 11th in the nation with 511 yards per game and 46 points per game. OSU fans predict JT Barrett’s strong arm delivers short, crisp passes to keep the Offense moving. The running game, always respectable at OSU, is productive again this year. Nope, I didn’t look up that statistic. With 511 yards of total offense per game, the OSU Offense must be called an “Irresistible Force.”

On Defense, OSU is ranked #4 in the country while allowing only 3.2 yards/carry, making 36 “Pressures” against opposing Quarterbacks, and returning six Interceptions for Touchdowns. No way around it, that’s impressive!

Coach D says, “OSU is a big game for us. We have a lot of guys from Ohio.” Yes, OSU is worried (and mad) about MSU, but the Buckeyes realize that MSU always has one major upset in its arsenal each year. And, MSU has yet to have that one huge game where everything comes together. Wait, last week’s game was practically perfect. SpartyMSU is pulling for TOC and the other men from Ohio- 28 in all- to suck it up, burst out of the tunnel with a lot of pride and guts (Thanks Coach Narduzzi), and win the game. TOC is 10 for 15 again this week. Another Ohio product, LJ Scott, runs for 105 yards, and Monty Madaris- also from Ohio- makes three key receptions.

On defense, Malik is questionable to play. But no matter, Chris Frey (Upper Arlington Ohio)and Riley Bullough stuff OSU’s runners while JT Barrett has trouble gripping the ball in the cold, sloppy weather and throws two interceptions. OSU falters again!

George says, “Touchdown MSU” twice and “The kick is good” once. MSU 17, OSU 10.
Go Green!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?