IMHO – Lets play the cards we’re dealt, and move on….

Jeopie – one of the SpartyMSU writers.
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After having a few days to let the 2 – 6 record sink in..  SpartyMSU believes they are a much better team than what the scoreboard reflects.

Recent accomplishments:
2010 – 2015: record 65 – 16 (0.802)
2013 – 2015: total 5 losses
2015/2016: National Championship Playoffs
Jan. 1, 2014 Rose Bowl Champs
Jan. 1, 2015 Cotton Bowl Champs
Big Ten Championships – 2010, 2013, 2015

And here we are in 2016… Many of the players were around for the Rose Bowl, both Cotton Bowls and B1G Championships. They know the taste of success, and now the smell of defeat..

Last time we had a season like this was 1982 under Muddy Waters.. But, the circumstances were vastly different then.  Prior to Muddy’s dreadful and final ’82 season, the Spartans were mediocre at best. MSU was not used to a winning record, or a team built on a solid foundation. There was an 8 win season (’78), and a few 7 win season, but nothing of note since the days of Bubba.
Coach Dantonio has raised the bar significantly. Since there has been so much success, SpartyMSU is not hearing the persistent or repetitious din calling for coaches heads, or shelving players. Spartan Nation is more resilient now under Coach Dantonio. We understand there might be down years and the Spartan Football Team gets a parodic hall pass. They have now achieved a level of respect like the Spartan Basketball team / Coach Izzo

No one is happy with this year’s record, and especially losing to SCum, but neither is Spartan Nation throwing in the towel. The Walmart Wolverines at my office are already insufferable with their “We’re Baaaacccckkk” rants.. Their “Little Brother” comments… Now, I have 11 months to hear this shit, and put up with their obnoxious comments. Oct. 7, 2017 can’t come soon enough.

“I’m going to allow our coaches to coach,” Dantonio said last week. “I’m going to have great faith in our coaches, and I’m going to have a great deal of loyalty for our coaches because I know what’s going on, on the inside, and I know how hard our coaches work.” Frankly… I believe in him, and support him.

Yes, early in the 3rd quarter, four (4) straight running plays from the 2 was poor play calling. Missed Field goal was a bummer. The non-calls against SCum didn’t help matters.  Formations that didn’t have a pass option made no sense… But, this is 2016.. SpartyMSU  (jeopie) is not ready to dismiss coaches, players, or staff.


IMHO – Lets move on to Illinois, another team at the bottom of the B1G, and lets win out if possible and make plans for a successful 2017 season. Go Green !

We have had too much success to even contemplate being pissed off or cry that the sky has fallen.

Sparty On !!!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?