Open Thoughts From A Sparty Alum

Well SpartyMSU it has definitely been a while since I last posted a blog of any sort since early in the season. I have been in a funk since our loss to Notre Dame way back in September. I guess you could say I have been feeling sorry for our Spartans as well as my green ego. Well I am here to tell you that I have accepted the fact that Sparty Nation is in the process of a rebuild regardless of those who think otherwise, including Coach Dantonio. I will go on record and say that MSU will go down these last two games here at home against OSU and away at Penn State with some competiveness and heart which will carryover to next season. Though I predict losses in both of the final games I do think MSU will be in both games in the end. After all, they are playing to save face for a season that is all but over.

You better believe that OSU will be hoping and praying that Sparty Nation will come up with an upset over PSU the final game of the season, one of the rare times that OSU will be rooting for us, pretty ironic huh? Go GREEN Go WHITE, lets end the season with lots of FIGHT!!!

Whats your thoughts for SpartyMSU ?