If MSU ever needed a win, it’s this week.  However, the U-M Wolverines are ranked # 2 in the Nation and want to grind the Spartans into the turf.  Take former U-M Center, Steve Everitt, for instance.

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Speaking about our beloved Spartans, Everitt says, “They’re just showing their true colors,” Everitt said of MSU’s 2-4 record. “It’s not hard to figure out. The quarterback is pretty terrible, the defense is lacking. On both sides of the ball it just looks to me like they are primed for a beat down.” By the way Steve, how many times did your U-M teams beat MSU? Actually, they whipped on MSU pretty well during the Lloyd Carr era.  It does seem like we’re primed for a “beat down.”

Unfortunately, I have to admit this.  Michigan is Damn Good this year!  How did they do it?  And, let’s not forget, these high-achievers are Brady Hoke’s recruits.  I’m no Brady fan, but nobody mentions this.

In case you’re wondering, Brady Hoke is the defensive coordinator for University of Oregon and the Ducks are having a Horrible time of it this year.  Three times the D has given up 600 yards! See this blog for more details:  http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/hoke-oregon-disaster/

This article isn’t about U-M, but there is a ton of reasons for concern this week.  U-M has the # 1 defense in the land, a legitimate Heisman Trophy Candidate in Jabrill Peppers, and a Quarterback who is playing just well enough to win.  He just doesn’t make mistakes.

At Pilates Appreciation Night in Clarkston, our newest, most loyal Spartan student, Nick was explaining why he’s concerned.  In conversation with our favorite Bronco Dance Team member, Linda, Nick says, “Have you seen ’em? They’re really good.”

I digress.  Courtesy of Bing, let’s see what the Bronco’s got!
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Can MSU Win?  Yes, we can!  The way this happens is that every man steps up.  Coach Dantonio is known for saying, “Next man up!”

This is it MSU.  Any hope of having pleasant memories of this 2016 season rests on the outcome of Saturday’s game.  First, let’s revisit some good times:
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Go Green!

I’ve not been getting these predictions right.  So, let’s stay the course and be “wrong, wrong, wrong!”

U-M – 49


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