2016 Tickets are here ...!

The Season is fast approaching… Now that I have my tickets.. even more excited for the Furman Kick off. Its going to be another Great Year for Spartan Football ! […]

Bye Week

Man-oh-man. The week off is a bummer. My plan to visit Kansas City and watch the Mighty Avila University Eagles play against Peru State College have changed. My nephew, Wes […]

September 10: Spartans Bye week

September 10: Spartans Bye week… WTF.. Really…? It’s a Bye week.. yup, you got that right. B1G scheduling Gods give us Furman, then Spartans head for a week of preparation […]

This is my first blog onto the SpartyMSU website. Look for some interesting jargon as it relates to the Big Bad Spartans in the next few days and weeks as […]